About Me

Dr Nasir Mohammed

NICU intensivist @ Women's Wellness and Research Centre, WWRC, Qatar. MBBS [Gold Medalist], MD Pediatrics [Gold Medalist], EPIC, CPHQ 

Author : This Doctor is Weird- My Bizzare Thoughts and the Invention of a Success Formula

Inventor : Car Cup Holder Cleaning Tool [US patent pending]

The credentials don't really matter. I am basically a thinker and helper :)

Keynote Speaker

Welcome to the world of Proudfailure, where failure gets a voice and turns into a great success story. To start with, was my life chequered with failures? Yes definitely. Can anyone claim his/her life wasn't? The whole idea behind this venture is to invite all of you to embrace the highly stigmatised and much avoided concept of failure in any domain of our life, academic, financial, emotional, call what you may. The whole concept revolves around breaking the vicious cycle of stress - depression - failure [S-D-F] by changing our perception first. Check out my posts and videos and lets cope and overcome failure which has such an uncanny presence in our lives. I pray and hope to alleviate your worries and stressors and make you strong as ever. All the best !